Facebook page administrator sentenced to 8 years for ‘anti-state’ posts

The page’s other administrator got the same sentence in March.

Cambodia and Vietnam defend their rights records

Human rights are ‘country-specific,’ says a Cambodian official at the UN Human Rights Council.

Singer shocks with ‘Vietnam War medal’

Dam Vinh Hung said it was just costume jewelry and no offense was intended.

UN experts urge Hanoi to address prisoner of conscience’s health

Serving 11-year sentence, Le Huu Minh Tuan’s health has worsened.

Closed dam in Vietnam is leading to dry river beds in Cambodia

Residents from nearly 60 villages downstream have appealed to authorities for help.

Vietnam urges Cambodia to cooperate over Funan Techo canal

Hanoi asks Phnom Penh to share information in a toned down message from previous call.

Vietnamese stranded in Myanmar war zone plead for help from Vietnam’s government