Uyghurs have highest rate of imprisonment in world: report

An estimated 1 in 26 Uyghurs have been jailed, accounting for a third of China’s prison population.

Uyghur spy turns to religion and lands in Xinjiang prison

He gave up drinking alcohol and smoking to embrace Islam, prompting accusations of being 'two-faced.'

US Congressional Uyghur Caucus introduces new sanctions bill

The act will expand the use of sanctions against Chinese government officials for abuses in Xinjiang.

In reversal, China now wants to preserve Kashgar’s Old City

China has destroyed thousands of old homes and shops in the ancient Silk Road trading post.

Uyghur official jailed after refusing land acquisition

Abdumanap Hakimjan was protecting farmers in Ghulja, which is now the center of a similar land dispute.

Questions surround Uyghur woman’s sudden death

She died after being interrogated and breaking down in tears over the body of her husband who died in prison.

China’s rights record under fire at United Nations

Uyghur Tales of Survival - Episode 6: Sowing Seeds of Hope