Lao police arrest and hand over 17 Myanmar citizens to military junta

Junta officials claimed that those arrested had aided rebel militias.

Myanmar’s military on the back foot as the dry season comes to a close

Expect an uptick in fighting in the weeks before monsoon rains and the next phase of the war.

Myanmar insurgents accused of recruiting Rohingya in Bangladesh camps

Children as young as 12 have been kidnapped from camps, refugees said.

Thailand’s biometric data collection stirs debate for Myanmar nationals

Hailed as a success by the Thai government, the pilot project could see another expansion.

Myanmar junta bombs rebel meeting, killing 16, including child

Anti-junta forces were meeting at a monastery when the junta attacked by air, witnesses say.

Women account for 1 in 5 deaths in Myanmar since coup

Violent deaths are on the rise for women in the 3 years since the coup.

Yangon trishaw drivers endure scorching heat to make a living