Taiwanese star forced to publicly support 'one China' policy

Show will be ditched in China if Wu Mu-hsuen doesn't support Beijing's territorial claim on democratic Taiwan.

Official who pushed for workers’ rights arrested in Hanoi

Detention of Labor Ministry reformer comes as Vietnam seeks U.S. trade preferences

Myanmar junta bombs rebel meeting, killing 16, including child

Anti-junta forces were meeting at a monastery when the junta attacked by air, witnesses say.

Record number of Chinese ships enter Taiwan waters near Kinmen island

11 Chinese vessels were detected inside Taiwan’s territorial waters.

Uyghur official jailed after refusing land acquisition

Abdumanap Hakimjan was protecting farmers in Ghulja, which is now the center of a similar land dispute.

US discusses North Korea with China, raises repatriation concerns

Beijing routinely labels North Koreans as illegal ‘economic migrants’ and forcibly repatriates them.


“When we face injustice, we cannot be silent”